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Free Intranet Search

FileSpider is an intranet spider that crawls for shared files in the local network, so that it can be easily searched. FileSpider is a free intranet search engine that can be used to search for any shared files in the local intranet. FileSpider also allows you to search for music files that are shared in the local intranet. The FileSpider music search allows you to search for mp3 or any other music files based on file name, author, title and album.

FileSpider is a freeware, which you can completely customize and set up within a few minutes. Based on the feedback and support, next version of FileSpider will include a wide range of file support, allowing you to search for contents inside a file. If you are looking for a commercial product, please visit Google Mini. But, sometimes best comes free!

FileSpider is a windows program developed in Java. Install FileSpider on any windows machine on the intranet. FileSpider contains a built-in web server that enables the search service to be accessed from all other computers present in the local intranet.

FileSpider is absolutely FREE for personal or commercial use. If you feel this hard work deserve your support, you are most welcome. Support FileSpider and get guaranteed support for all your queries.


FileSpider Features

  • Install FileSpider on any one machine, access the search page from all the other machines through a web browser!.

  • Contains built-in web server that makes the search accessible through out the local intranet.

  • Fast search results. Get the search result in the blink of an eye!

  • Search for any shared file from any computer in the local network.

  • File search can be based on file name or name of folder on which the file is shared.

  • Search for any shared music file from any computer in the local network.

  • Music search can be based on file name, folder name, title, artist or album.

  • Completely customizable search result page. Design your own result page, and just let FileSpider know where you want the result to be placed.

  • Crawls through out the local network. Crawling frequency can be customizable.

  • Completely configurable options.

  • Finally, FileSpider is absolutely FREE!


Download FileSpider

License Freeware
Version 1.0
Release Date March 1, 2005
Requirements Windows 9x,XP, NT, 200X

Java (JRE) 1.4. Download it free here

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Mirror 2

Mirror 3

Mirror 4






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